Wednesday, August 12, 2009

concerns with Google mail

Not *really* sure whether it is a bug or feature. When we try logging into Gmail, it accepts the ID without a period, ah let me illustrate with an example. If my ID is, while logging in if we type 'prasadmysore' and furnish the password for '', Gmail allows us to login.

Well, I am not sure whether it is a *known* issue or an unknown bug as I happened to discover it because of a typo. Also I did try to spend time to report this bug to Google, but in *vain*, as I could not get one such link. I am not really sure how 'Usability Engineers' think.

This is indeed a surprise as of now, I persoanlly feel that Gmail could have a specific link easily available for user to report bugs, which would be simple and need *not* be of a Debian 'report bug' sort.

Well, with all these observations, I may be wrong too !!

Cheers !!


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