Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing but the Truth !

My Onida DVD player suddenly crashed popping "TRAY ERROR" recently. This player was bought around 3 years back. I promptly called the Onida Customer care and I was advised to approach 'Adonis Customer Relation Centre' located at 'Khazi Street, Basavangudi, Bangalore '.

The player was inspected and I was told that the 'Main Board' is faulty and since Model ' DFX 8500' is discontinued there is no way that the player can be repaired due to unavailability of spares. I did feel bad as I had picked this model for the features it carried.

The service engineer asked me to send the player to E-Waste, which I was not willing to do. Just out of curiosity I removed the cover and started to troubleshoot. To my surprise I found that the belt connecting the 'Tray Gear' with the 'Motor' had got cut and hence the toggle switch was not sending the 'Close' signal. I replaced the belt with a regular band (rubber band) and checked, this fixed the issue.

My only concern is, if I would have disposed the player without an inspection as per the service engineer's advice, I would have lost a working player. I am not sure, how many repairable players could have got disposed due to a **faulty** advice and whether the service engineers are professionally trained or they are too lazy to deliver. I will leave this to the Onida Company, as they would loose customers because their authorized service personnel leave customers in a lurch.

The bottom line is it is always good to take a second opinion in case of repairs.



Nothing is as easy as it looks - Edward Aloysius Murphy, Jr

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